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Before any construction of a new building or renovation can begin, you will need to obtain a building permit. Whether you are finishing your basement, adding windows or doors or constructing a deckfence or pool, you’ll need a building permit. Building without a permit can result in fines and penalties as set out in the Building Code Act.

Apply for a permit

Complete a Building Permit Application and submit the application along with required drawings, documents and other forms to:

New permit applications, including any additional forms, can be submitted digitally in PDF format to our building permit email. Applicants will receive an email notifying them of their application’s acceptance or outlining the reasons why the application was not accepted. If accepted, an invoice will be attached to the email, outlining the calculated building permits fees. Prior to permit issuance, fees are payable by cheque to ‘Town of Milton'.

Drawing submission guidelines

Please follow our submission guidelines when submitting your permit application.

 Digital submissions

You can submit digital files on a USB flash drive, CD or DVD when you submit the permit application. Digital files must:

  • Be in PDF format and generated directly from the software used to create them (e.g. AutoCAD, Softplan, Revit, etc.) using a PDF printer or converter (no scanned copies)
  • Have the document properties/restrictions/security settings/permissions set to allow “printing” and “adding markups”
 Paper submissions

All paper submissions must be:

  • Black and white
  • Drawn to an appropriate scale (3/16”=1’ or metric equivalent)
  • Clearly legible

In addition:

  • All walls must be drawn as double lines to accurately show thickness
  • You must distinguish between existing and proposed construction
  • Every page should include the address and designer information

Rates and fees

Review our permit application fees.

 Residential building permit fees

View the most common residential building permit fees in Milton.

Common residential building permit fees
Type Fee
New house or addition to house $16.34/m²
Multiple-unit building or apartment $16.34/m² 
Shed, detached garage, gazebo or personal workshop

$147.74 (up to 27.9m²)

$8.55/m² (over 27.9m²)

New unenclosed deck or porch, or alteration to existing deck $147.74 (flat rate) 
Basement walkouts, exterior stairs $239.29 (flat rate)


Interior renovations
Type Fee
Interior alteration $5.93/m² - Minimum $239.29 
Finished basement $5.93/m² - Minimum $239.29
Secondary dwelling unit (basement apartment) $8.68/m²
New opening (window or door) or side door entrance $239.29
Fireplace or woodstove $239.29 
New plumbing or alteration $239.29 


Septic fees
Type Fee
New or replacement septic system $749.09
Septic tank or bed replacement or repair $374.54
Review of existing septic system $186.23


Other fees
Type Fee
Demolition $239.29
Temporary tent $239.29
Swimming pool enclosure permit (including hot tubs) $183.00
Property Information Report $113.00
File retrieval Actual Cost plus $70.00
Copies of building plans  Actual Cost plus $100.00
Permit transfer $156.06
Certificate of Occupancy $129.00
 Industrial, Commercial and Institutional building permit fees

View the most common industrial, commercial and institutional building permit fees in Milton.

  • It costs $24.78/m² for all permits for new buildings and additions to existing buildings for assembly uses.
  • It costs $27.37/m² for all permits for new buildings and additions to existing buildings for care or detention uses.
Residential use fees
Type Fee
Multiple unit buildings (apartments) $16.34/m²
Hotel or motel $16.34/m²


Business and personal services use fees
Type Fee
Shell only (no occupancy) $16.67/m²
Partitioned and finished $20.21/m²


Mercantile use fees
Type Fee
Shell only (no occupancy) $14.79/m²
Partitioned and finished $18.25/m²


Industrial use fees
Type Fee
Shell only (no occupancy) $12.31/m²
Partitioned and finished $13.27/m²
Parking garage $6.69/m²
Farm buildings $3.98/m²


Mechanical, plumbing and safety use fees
Type Fee
Special systems (commercial exhaust, spray booth, dust collectors and CO detectors, etc.) $468.18 
Sprinkler systems $0.91/m²
Electromagnetic locks $129.01 each
Fire alarm $619.04
Site servicing (sanitary, storm and water) $3.46/m for each separate line


Other fees
Type Fee
Interior alterations (all building classifications) $5.93/m² - Minimum $239.29
Elective changes (revisions) $387.60
Racking system 1.28% of the construction value or minimum $239.29 (flat rate)
Change of use (no construction or increase in hazard) $239.29
Designated structures $442.17
Demolition $239.29
Signs 1.60% of prescribed value or minimum $239.29 (flat rate)
Tents $239.29

All m2 fees are subject to a minimum of a $239.29 fee. 

Additional forms

Depending on the type of renovation, you may be required to submit additional forms along with your permit application.

Application guidelines

Review our common permit application checklists to make sure your application includes all of the necessary drawings and documents:

Permit statistics

Contact us to request a copy of our monthly construction activity reports.