Milton’s zoning by-laws set the land uses allowed in each area of Milton, defines parking and landscaped areas and controls building location, size and height.

Please contact us to ensure you have up-to-date information before you start your next project. The online versions of our zoning by-laws are subject to change without notice.

Urban zoning by-laws

Zoning By-law No. 016-2014 applies to the urban areas of Milton:

Rural zoning by-laws

Zoning By-law No. 144-2003 applies to the rural areas of Milton:

Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning)

You cannot change the type of use of any land, building or structure within any zone category without a Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning).

Minor variances and rezoning

If your land use or development doesn’t align with our zoning by-laws, you may need to apply for a minor variance or submit a rezoning application.

Compliance and property information requests

You can apply for a compliance and property information request to ensure that a property complies with our by-laws.