The Compliance Audit Committee reviews and responds to compliance audit applications from electors who believe that a candidate has contravened the Municipal Elections Act finance rules.

Compliance audit request

If you are an eligible voter in Milton’s municipal election and you believe that a candidate has violated the Municipal Elections Act, you can file a compliance audit request.

Request a compliance audit

Eligible electors who believe a candidate has contravened the Act may request a compliance audit request of the candidate’s campaign during the legislated period (June 29, 2023) for statements filed on or before March 31, 2023.

How to submit an application

For a compliance audit of one of the candidates or third party advertisers following the election, you must complete and submit a compliance audit application form no later than 90 days after the deadline for filing financial statements (March 31, 2023).


The Compliance Audit committee consists of three to four members who must be residents of Milton. We will advertise available positions online. Please check back for open positions.

Committee responsibilities

Review the Compliance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference for full details about the duties of the committee. Member responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out all obligations outlined in the Municipal Elections Act
  • Attending all committee meetings
  • Declaring any pecuniary interests in any matter prior to consideration by the Committee and refraining from discussing and voting on the matter
  • Participating as an active and voting member, asking questions and seeking clarifications
  • Assisting in drafting the reasons for a decision, as applicable
  • Developing and maintaining a climate of mutual support, trust, courtesy and respect
  • Working together to utilize the knowledge, expertise and talents of all members
  • Respect the decisions of the Committee