Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. As a result, we need to spend time planning for new development. All new developments must follow the policies and regulations set out in the Official Plan and Zoning By-law. If a development does not comply with these policies and regulations, a development application is required.

Development applications and planning projects

It's important to submit a development application and site plan for new development in Milton. Review the application process and make sure you include all necessary drawings with your application.

Development charges

Development charges are collected to provide funds to allow Milton to expand municipal services such as roads and fire, transit and community services to all new developments. Review Milton’s Development Charge Pamphlet and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Residential rates

View all development charges rates for residential developments.

Milton residential development charge rates
Service Single and semi-detached  Multiples 3 or more bedrooms Multiples less than 3 bedrooms Apartments 2 or more bedrooms Apartments bachelor and 1 bedroom Special care dwellings
Services related to a highway $6,911 $4,947 $4,947 $3,710 $2,493 $2,159
Other town-wide $13,771 $9,860 $9,860 $7,393 $4,967 $4,306
Stormwater management – Sherwood Survey $230 $164 $164 $124 $84 $72
Stormwater management – Boyne Survey $84 $59 $59 $44 $30 $26
Total town – Municipal wide services $20,682 $14,807 $14,807 $11,103 $7,460 $6,465
Total town – Sherwood Survey $20,912 $14,971 $14,971 $11,227 $7,544 $6,537
Total town – Boyne Survey $20,766 $14,866 $14,866 $11,147 $7,490 $6,491


Non-residential rates

View all development charge rates for non-residential developments.

Milton non-residential development charge rates
Service Retail uses/m²  Non-retail uses/m²
Town-wide service $82.65 $37.79
Stormwater management –Sherwood Survey $2.06 $1.32
Stormwater management – Boyne Survey $1.10 $0.61
Stormwater – Derry Green $1.93 $0.85
Total town – municipal wide services $82.65 $37.79
Total town – Sherwood survey $84.71 $39.11
Total town – Boyne Survey $83.75 $38.40
Total town – Derry Green $84.58 $38.64



Learn more about how development charges are regulated in Milton, by reviewing the development charge by-laws:

Background studies

Development charges are regulated through Ontario’s Development Charges Act. Milton conducts a background study into future growth and development before creating a new development charge by-law. Review our most recent background studies:

Treasurer's statement

Review Milton’s Annual Treasurer’s Statement

Heritage planning

We are committed to preserving the history and heritage of our community through heritage planning. Learn about heritage designations and how to apply for a heritage permit to renovate your heritage property.

Urban design

Review the urban design guidelines to make sure that your new development meets the desired level of design quality established in Milton.