In a municipal budget, a portion of the costs to deliver services or build, maintain, and operate infrastructure, is funded through property taxes.

Therefore, a portion of every property tax dollar is used to provide a wide range of programs and services to ensure a high quality of life for residents.

Services funded by your property tax bill

The Town is responsible for collecting property taxes that account for three agencies. Your property tax bill is a combination of these three agencies.

Therefore, the Town of Milton’s services are only a portion of your overall tax bill.

This combination (Halton Region, Town of Milton, Province/school boards) is often referred to as the blended property tax rate and is what a taxpayer will see on their property tax bill.

Halton Region - 39%

  • Garbage and recycling
  • Police and paramedic services
  • Regional roads
  • Social services
  • Public health

Milton - 41%

  • Fire and protection services
  • Recreation facilities & programs
  • Roads maintenance
  • Parks maintenance
  • Transit
  • Milton Public Library
  • Winter maintenance
  • Civic administration
  • Cultural programming and services
  • Stormwater pond maintenance
  • Planning, zoning, & economic development
  • Streetlighting 

Education - 20%

  • School boards

Value for tax dollar

Milton residents and businesses benefit each day from programs and services provided by Halton Region, the Town and school boards, collectively, that are funded by property taxes.

In Milton specifically, more than 85 programs and services are provided through your property tax bill.

Therefore, when a resident receives their property tax bill, those taxes pay for services and programs provided by all three agencies (Halton Region, Town of Milton and Province/school boards).

2024 budget impact on household property tax

Through the Town’s annual budget, Council balances taxpayer affordability with meeting the expectation of service levels by the community.

How property taxes are calculated

Your final property tax bill is calculated based on the assessed value of your property, established by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and by the municipal tax rate. The Town only has jurisdiction over the local municipal tax rate portion.

Once the Town, Halton Region, and the Province (school boards) have determined the dollars required to fund community programs and services, the property tax impact can be calculated.

The Town has a property tax calculator available to assist households and businesses in calculating property taxes. 

2024 household impact

In 2024, the overall blended tax rate will increase by an estimated 5.93%. This represents the total impact on your property tax bill, combining taxes collected for the Town of Milton, Halton Region, and the Province (education school boards).

Viewed separately, this increase is comprised of a Town of Milton increase of 9.88%, a Halton Region increase of 5.06% and an estimated education increase of 0%.

Learn more about the estimated residential impact below.

Household increase based on residential assessment value

Residential Assessed Value

2024 Tax Increase*

















*Estimated pending approval of the Province (school boards) budget.

Based on an overall estimated tax rate increase of 5.93 per cent, a home assessed at $600,000 will pay approximately $4,670.81 in total for property taxes in 2024. This breaks down to:

  • $389.23 per month
  • $89.82 per week
  • $12.80 per day

Therefore, for $12.80 per day, a household receives the following services:

  • Community safety (Fire and rescue services, police, paramedics)
  • Community health and wellbeing (public health, long-term care, seniors programming, child care services)
  • Public transit
  • Winter operations (snow removal, salting and sanding)
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Recreation programs (swimming lessons, camps, leisure activities, seniors programming)
  • Library services
  • Cultural programming and services
  • Community beautification (grass cutting, tree planting and maintenance, gardens, boulevards)
  • Licensing services (marriage, commissioning of oaths)