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Concerns can be submitted online or by phone at 905-878-7252 ext. 2137.

Updates to the Site Alteration By-law

An updated Site Alteration By-law was approved by Milton Council on Sept. 12, 2022. This new By-law came into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

Some key updates to the by-law are as follows:

  • Is applicable in areas governed by the Conservation Authorities
  • Ensures appropriate reference is made to provincial regulations
  • Provides authority for the Town to establish conditions for permit approvals, as may be deemed required through the Town’s review of the application
  • Addresses major enforcement challenges
  • Provides new exemptions for minor, routine site alterations (i.e. small volume alterations due to landscaping and driveway maintenance work)
  • Ensures cost recovery from applicants where external professional peer review is deemed required
  • Incorporates flexibility in terms of the permit validity period to facilitate construction time on large-scale earthmoving operations (i.e. subdivision earthworks)
  • Incorporates flexibility in the permitting process to allow for importing of soil from multiple fill sources
  • Provides clearer definition of normal farming practices
  • Allows flexibility with regards to sites undergoing environmental remediation

If you are planning to change the elevation of your property in any way, you may need a site alteration permit prior to construction to ensure that you, your neighbours, and the environment are not negatively impacted.

Application process

An applicant or property owner may request a pre-consultation meeting to determine if a permit is required and if a permit can be issued, pursuant to the by-law. To request, a pre-consultation meeting, fill out the contact form.

A complete application is required in order for the Town to begin the review process. An application is considered completed when the following has been received:

  1. Complete and sign application form
  2. Control plan
  3. Application fees

Complete applications can be submitted using our contact form. Applicant exceptions are identified in Section 3 and the site alteration permit application requirements are located in Section 4 of the Site Alteration By-law.

Frequently asked questions

When is a site alteration permit required?

If you are planning to change the elevation of your property in any way, a site alteration permit may be required. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Importing or removing fill
  • Altering the existing drainage pattern
  • Leveling areas
  • Creating privacy berms
  • Creating or expanding parking lots

Do I need a site alteration permit for landscaping?

This depends on the scope of work and where it will take place on your property. You do not need a site alteration permit if you are depositing, cutting or removing topsoil on lands for the purpose of lawn maintenance, landscaping, or adding to flower beds or vegetable gardens, when:

  • the approved grade (or existing grade, where there is no approved grade) of the lands is not increased by more than 0.15m
  • there is no significant change in the direction or rate of drainage to or from neighbouring properties
  • the site alteration does not take place within 0.6m of any lot line
  • the cumulative total of the topsoil placed or dumped pursuant to all applicable permit exemptions does not exceed in any consecutive four (4) month period the lesser of 20 m³ or 2 triaxle truck loads

For more information, see Section 3.4. of the Site Alteration By-law. Please contact us before starting any work to confirm if a permit is required.

What is a control plan?

Please refer to Schedule A of the Site Alteration By-law.

How long does it take to get a site alteration permit?

The Town required a minimum of 15 business days once a complete application has been submitted for initial review. Town staff will contact you with additional information once they have reviewed your submission. In general, please allow up to 30 business days for a permit to be issued.

How much does a site alteration permit cost?

Every site alteration permit application is subject to the $2,783 application fee prior to the application being reviewing by Town staff. Once reviewed, all approved applications are subject to a $397 per hectare fee at the time of issuance (minimum one hectare is applied), as well as a $527 inspection fee deemed necessary by Town staff. All fees align with the Town of Milton’s User Fee By-law.