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Explore our development applications map to locate all current development applications. You can also find detailed information for each development application by ward.

You need to complete a development application for all new developments in Milton. This includes developing new subdivisions and condominiums. All new developments must align with Milton’s Official Plan and zoning regulations.

Zoning and land use applications

Your proposed development may not follow our zoning and land use regulations. Learn how to apply and follow our application guidelines for the following land use amendments:

Book a pre-consultation meeting

Before completing an application, you must attend a pre-consultation meeting with our staff. To book a pre-consultation meeting, please call us at 905-878-7252 x2215. We will confirm all application requirements and help provide initial comments on your proposed development.

After you attend the pre-consultation meeting, you can submit your application. Make sure to include a site plan with all development applications.

Division of land applications

Some new development proposals will require some form of land or property division.


A subdivision of a property occurs when you divide a piece of land into two or more lots in order to sell them. Complete a Plan of Subdivision Application and submit it with all accompanying documents during your submission meeting.

Review the subdivision guidelines to learn more about the development process.


If you want to develop a new condominium or convert a building into a condominium property, you need to complete a Plan of Condominium Application. Submit your application and all necessary documents during your submission meeting. Review the condominium guidelines to learn more about the development process.

Exemptions from Part Lot Control

According to the Planning Act, part lot control allows a property owner to sell a whole lot or block within a registered plan of subdivision. Complete the Exemption from Part Lot Control Application and submit it with all necessary documents.  Review our Part Lot Control Guidelines and Submission Deadlines before submitting your application.

You’ll need to get a Part Lot Control Exemption for the following applications:

  • Creation of townhouse lots
  • Creation of semi-detached lots
  • Lot realignments within non-residential plans for subdivision
  • Mechanical severances, such as additions to lots, easements and land dedications
  • Adjacent lands with plans of subdivision

Land Severance (Consent)

Land severance is an alternative to a plan of subdivision for less complex projects. This includes dividing a property into one or two lots. Complete a Lot Severance/Consent Application and submit it with all necessary documents during your submission meeting.


Review our consent guidelines to learn more about the application and development process.

Telecommunications facilities

If you’re planning to construct a telecommunications tower, antenna or other facility, you need to apply through the Government of Canada. The Town of Milton has a telecommunications facility protocol and we will review local telecommunications proposals. Please submit a telecommunications application form prior to constructing a telecommunications facility in Milton.

Application fees

Review our development application fees to find out the cost for each development application.