Milton is constantly planning for growth and development in our community. Review our Master Plans and Environmental Management Plan.

Destiny Milton 3

Milton’s strategic action plan, Destiny Milton 3, aims to shape the future of Milton by providing a vibrant, thriving and innovative community, where everyone feels welcome, safe, connected and engaged.

Vibrant and connected community

We will create a vibrant and connected community by:

Economic growth

We will promote economic growth in Milton by:

  • Focusing on job creation, diversification and partnership development
  • Supporting business and long-term investment in innovation
  • Increasing the number of local, high-value jobs and employers
  • Increasing non-residential growth by focusing on attracting knowledge-based industries
  • Continuing secondary planning for the Milton Education Village
  • Supporting the growth of the MEV Innovation Centre

Financial stability

We will provide financial stability by:

  • Reviewing and updating financial policies to support financial sustainability
  • Managing finances to meet the current needs of the community without burdening future generations
  • Undertaking long-range financial plans and forecasts
  • Identifying the financial impacts associated with planning, designing, constructing and operating infrastructure

Enhanced communication

We plan to enhance communication by:

  • Utilizing the corporate communication and marketing team of experts to coordinate efforts, ensure quality control and transparency of internal and external communications
  • Developing a Corporate Communications Plan that will ensure all communications are proactive, two-way, open, transparent, respectful, consistent and inclusive
  • Further mobilizing the Community Engagement Plan to provide a standard process on how Milton will inform, consult and advise residents and businesses on municipal decision-making

Organizational effectiveness

We will improve organizational effectiveness by:

  • Investing in staff training, professional development and succession planning
  • Encouraging the transfer of organizational knowledge
  • Developing corporate values and identifying areas of continuous improvement
  • Assessing the appropriateness of the organization’s structure, job titles, descriptions and compensation to continue to retain and attract top talent