Reproducing and using Milton’s logo

The Town of Milton logo is registered under the Trademarks Act of Canada and is an official mark for products and services for the Corporation. The Town of Milton’s logo represents the corporation of the Town of Milton only, and cannot be used without permission for any purpose or reproduced for commercial purposes. Using the Town of Milton logo without express written permission may result in legal action.

Requests to use the Town of Milton logo must be made in writing to the Town’s Strategic Communication division, on behalf of the Corporation.

Any third party entity who has received permission to use the Town of Milton logo must prepare a draft of the promotional material and/or item including placement of the logo and send to Strategic Communications for approval. The Town can, at any time, withdraw consent for logo usage if usage has been deemed inappropriate. 

Parties who have been granted logo permissions must follow all requirements as outlined by the Town.

Our logo

Milton’s logo design emerged from two overlapping leaves and was inspired by our ties to nature and the opportunities for future growth in our community. The vibrant colours represent Milton’s young, diverse and forward looking population.

Logo selection process

We saw this as an opportunity to connect the community around a shared vision of Milton’s future. Throughout the rebranding process, we engaged with residents to find out what makes you proud to be part of this community. The selection process took six months to complete. Reviewing each phase of the logo development process.

Phase 1 – Discovery 

The discover phase involved interviews with more than 50 stakeholders from across the community. Three main themes emerged about Milton from our stakeholder engagement:

  • Natural
  • Forward-looking
  • Diverse
We also conducted a competitive scan of Ontario municipal logos. We learned that there was tremendous opportunity to differentiate Milton from other municipalities in terms of brand style and impact.

Phase 2 – Community engagement

The community engagement phase included a pubic survey, report and presentation to council. Residents were asked to provide examples of words that captured the spirit of our community. Over 650 individuals responded to the survey. Five key words emerged from this research:

  • Active
  • Innovative
  • Refreshing
  • Growing
  • Diverse 

Phase 3 - Design

After a rigorous Request for Proposal process, Milton selected Scott Thornley + Company to help us create a brand that would resonate with our community. Using research and feedback gathered during the discovery and community engagement phases, these consultants worked with internal stakeholders to refine a final design concept. Council official adopted the new logo and slogan on June 26, 2017.