During federal, provincial, and municipal elections in Milton, election signs are used to promote candidates who are in the running.

Election sign resources

Complete an election sign permit form and bring with it your refundable fee payment of $300 to Town Hall (main floor) for processing.

Note: Third party sign fees are not refundable. Payment may be made by cash, debit, or cheque from your campaign account. Please make cheques payable to the Town of Milton.

Election Sign Permit

Election signs are allowed on minor arterial, multi-purpose arterial and collector roads only. Please review our Election Sign Map for more details about placement of election signs.

Election Sign Map

Town of Milton by-law officers are responsible for the enforcement of all election sign infractions. Election sign complaints are required to be submitted electronically.

Election Sign Complaint

Election sign FAQs

The Municipal Elections Office has prepared this information sheet for the 2022 Provincial General Election for information purposes only.  It is not an official version of the Election Sign By-law No. 011-2018, as amended. Please refer to the by-law for specific wording.

Information for registered candidates/third parties

Who can erect an election sign? (s. 3.2)

To erect an election sign, you must:

  • Be registered with Elections Ontario as one of the following: a candidate; or a third party
  • Pay the election sign fee of $300 for provincial candidates or third parties 

Is there an election sign fee? (s. 3.2)

Yes, there is an election sign fee of $300 for provincial candidates or third parties.

Is the election sign fee refundable? (s.3.2.1) (s. 6.4)

Yes, election sign fees are refundable for candidates only if the candidate:

  • Removes their signs within 72 hours (three days) following the election day and
  • Is not subject to any election sign prosecution for contravention of the Election Sign By-law
  • Has no outstanding fines resulting from violations from the Election Sign By-law

Are third party sign fees refundable? (s. 3.2.1)

No, third party sign fees are not refundable.

Are there any restrictions on election signs? (s. 3.3) (s. 4.2)

Yes, there are restrictions. Not including billboard signs and signs on vehicles, no election sign shall:

  • Be illuminated
  • Have a sign area greater than 3 square metres (32 square feet)
  • Have a sign height greater than 2.13 metres (7 feet)
  • Interfere with the safe operation of vehicular traffic or the safety of pedestrians
  • Impede or obstruct the Town’s maintenance operations

No election sign may interfere with the safe movement of any vehicle or pedestrian traffic or placed where it is a general hazard to public safety.

Are Billboards considered an election sign? (s. 6.1)

Yes, Billboards or other types of electronic signs are considered an election sign, when used for election purposes and are not permitted prior to the issuance of the writ, except an election sign which is placed on a campaign office.

When can I post an election sign? (s. 6.1) (s. 6.2)

Provincial election signs (this includes third party signs) cannot be posted earlier than the day the writ of election is issued.

In addition, you must be registered with Elections Ontario as either a candidate or a third party prior to placing an election sign.

What about election signs on campaign offices? (s. 6.3) (s. 7.9)

Election signs may be posted on a registered candidate’s campaign office.   

Can I post an election sign outside of the ward I’m running in? (s. 7.9)

No. Only election signs for candidates running to represent Milton may be displayed within the Town.

Instructions to the candidate

When do I have to remove my election sign? (s. 6.4)

All election signs must be removed 72 hours (three days) following the Election Day.

Where can I place my election signs? (s. 7.1) (s. 7.2) (s. 7.9)

Election signs are not allowed within a Right of Way, on Regional Roads, on public property; in a park; on a median or island; less than 3 metres from a school crossing; on a trailer; on a utility pole, on a tree, fence or gate located on public property.

Election signs that block sightlines or obstruct any traffic control device or signal will be removed.

Provincial electoral boundaries may overlap municipalities. Candidates and third parties should inform themselves about municipal boundaries and by-laws that may apply.

Election signs from the same candidate in the urban area cannot be within 10 metres of any other election sign of the same candidate (50 metres outside the urban area). A map of the urban area is available for review.

On what roads are election signs allowed? (Halton Region By-law 36-01 s. 3.1) (s. 7.2)

Election signs are not allowed within the Right-of-Way of any Regional Road. 

Election signs are allowed on minor arterial, multi-purpose arterial and collector roads only.

Visit our election signs map to identify Town and Regional roads.

Can I place an election sign on the boulevard in front of a residence? (s. 7.3)

Yes, although election signs are not allowed on a boulevard in front of a detached or semi-detached dwelling except where the occupant of the dwelling has agreed to the location. If a residence fronts onto a Regional Road, election signs cannot be located on the boulevard on a Regional Road Right of Way.

Can I place an election sign on a front lawn? (s. 4)

Yes, elections signs can be placed on a lawn with the owner’s permission.

Can I place an election sign at a voting location? (s. 7.6)

No.  Election signs are not permitted on any premises used as a voting location. The entire property, including the road allowance abutting it, is considered to be a voting location.

Can I place an election sign on a motor vehicle or a trailer? (s. 7.2) (s. 7.7) (s. 7.8)

Election signs may be affixed to a motor vehicle, if it has a valid Ontario license plate affixed to it; and it isn’t parked at a voting place on any day when electors are voting.

Election signs are not allowed on a trailer.

Can I use the Town’s logo or other wordmarks? (s. 7.10)

No. You may not use the Town’s logo or municipal election wordmark in whole or in part on any election sign or material.

Will the Town contact me prior to the removal of my election sign? (s. 8.1) (s. 8.2) (s. 8.3)

No. There will not be any prior notice given for any illegal sign removed by the Town. Furthermore, candidates or third parties whose signs have been removed will not be notified that their election sign has been removed, and they will not be given the opportunity to retrieve it.

All illegal election signs that are removed by the Town will be destroyed without notice or compensation to any party. 
Furthermore, the candidate or third party may be charged for the illegal sign.

My sign has been removed by the Town. Am I (the candidate) liable to a charge? (s. 8.2)

Yes, you may be charged $98.31 for each illegal sign removed by the Town. Extreme violations or repeat offenders may be charged under the Provincial Offences Act.

Who is responsible for an election sign? (s. 8.4)

Any third party or candidate registered with Elections Canada are responsible for their own signs and shall ensure that they are compliant with the requirements of the appropriate by-laws are met.