The construction, development or re-development of land in Milton can require site plan approval. Contact us and we’ll help you determine whether your development proposal requires Site Plan Approval.

Applying for site plan approval

Before starting your application, you must attend a pre-application meeting. Afterwards, send us a completed Site Plan Approval application to apply. Please see our guidelines for site plan approval for submission requirements, fees, timeline information and more.

Our Site Plan Control By-law and review process improves the function, design and appearance of proposed developments.

Site plan guidelines

Please contact Development Planning to be emailed a copy of the guidelines and application form.

Site plan fees

Town Fees are to be submitted by cheque payable to the Town of Milton. Please note, the Town's User Fee By-law notes that site plan application fees are non-refundable, upon withdrawal of an application, regardless of the timing of withdrawal.

Below are the 2021 fees for applying for a site plan approval:

Town of Milton Fee
Non-residential base fee $6,060.00
Non-residential fee per hectare* (max 10 ha) $4,107.00

Residential base fee (non-heritage) plus per unit fee:

Units 2-25

Units 26-100

Units 100+





Residential base fee (heritage dwelling) $6,060.00

Subsequent Resubmissions

(Fourth and subsequent submissions)

5% of current fee

Minor and Partial Approval Application

15% of current fee

Site plan agreement fee**

Site plan inspection fee

Site plan legal fees**

Site plan application – property title search fee



Actual Cost


Extension to site plan agreement  $1,388.00
Annual processing fee*** $3,030.00

*Rounded to the nearest 1/4 hectare. Calculated to a maximum 10 ha per application.

**All Town agreements and legal fees are subject to disbursements.

***If site plan approval is noted granted within a one-year time frame, annual renewal fees are due.

Halton Region Fee
Application fee $1,162.15
Revision fee (applicant initiated) $727.71
Minor development/modification $727.71
Conservation Halton Fee

Major applications >2 ha:

Intermediate > 2 ha

Minor > 2 ha

Clearance: > 2 ha (per phase - no tech review)

Clearance: > 2 ha (per phase - tech review)

$6,529.00 (per ha)





Major applications < 2 ha

Intermediate < 2 ha

Minor < 2 ha

Clearance < 2 ha (per phase - no tech review)

Clearance < 2 ha (per phase - tech review)






For full details, please contact Development Services.

Development in Milton's character area

Many properties on the Heritage List are in Milton's downtown character area. To conserve the historic character of this area, site plan approval is needed for new additions and new buildings. Please see Schedule D of the Official Plan for the character area’s location.