Important Update: Milton will be offering modified summer camps starting July 2021 with limited space due to COVID-19. As facilities remain closed, online registration opens Tuesday, May 11 at 7 a.m. for Milton residents and Thursday, May 13 for non-residents. Exciting virtual summer camp options are also available. 

A recreation account is needed to register for programs, pre-register for drop-in activities, purchase memberships, book appointments, see family schedules and more. We launched a new recreation software in August 2020 called PerfectMind. New and returning users will need to create an account online through our new system. 

 Create an Account 

How to create an account


Step-by-step instructions
  • Select the 'Create An account' button to launch account set up
  • Click 'Sign Up' at the top of the page, below the Milton logo
  • Add the requested account details and click the 'Submit' button
    • Please note: the first member created on any new account will be assigned as the primary contact for the account
    • Please add an adult client first and then add additional family members on the "My Info" page
  • You are now logged into your account 
  • You will receive an email from 'PerfectMind' with a one-time temporary password for the next time you log in
  • When you use your temporary password, you will be prompted to create a new password
    • Please note: your password must be at least 10 characters long, contain one uppercase letter, 1 number, and cannot contain a sequence (i.e. 123456 or 123abc).
  • Once logged in, you will land on the 'My Info' page, where you can verify or edit contact information, including mailing and email addresses, add credit card information and add family members to the account
  • To register for recreation programs visit the Town's recreation webpage to view available programs or select the Register/Book button within your account to browse courses open for registration

Please note: 

  • Google Chrome is the ideal browser to use when creating your account and registering online
  • Only the person set as the primary contact on your account is able to see/register any other members of your family To change the primary contact, call us at 905-864-4132

Browsing for programs and activities 

If you are browsing available programs and activities, you do not need to create an account. 


Login and account information

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

To retrieve your password, log in and click 'Forgot my password' and enter your email address and hit send. You will receive an email to reset your password. It may take a few days to receive the email to reset your password.

Can I update my email?

Yes, there are four ways to update your email: 

  1. Online 
  2. Contact Customer Service email
  3. Call 905-864-4132
  4. Visit us in person at a Customer Service counter at one of our facilities

How do I update or add new credit card information?

Credit card information is added to the main account holder’s account. On the client account screen, select 'Finance Information, then select 'New' and fill in all of the credit card information followed by 'Save.' Check 'Default' if you want it to be your default card. You are unable to edit credit card info once it has been added but you can add a new card.

How can I remove someone from my account?

To have someone removed from your account, visit us in person at a Customer Service counter at one of our facilities or email us. 

I do not wish to provide my email address, why do you need this information?

Unfortunately, without an email address you will not be able to create an account or have access to any of our Online Recreation Services (i.e. registration, facility booking requests, purchase or renew passes, waitlist etc.) In addition, you will not receive any electronic communications (course changes/cancellations, expiry reminders for passes, updates, etc.) regarding your programs or bookings.

My child’s date of birth is wrong. How can I correct it?

Dates of birth can only be updated in person with proof. Visit us in person at a Customer Service counter at one of our facilities to update birth dates on your account.  

Can I manage my own information in this system?

Yes, in this new system you can view and manage your own information. This includes adding family members, changing your contact information, adding a credit card to your account for easier checkout, managing your own login and seeing a schedule of the programs you are registered in. 

I created an account, but I don’t see past account credits or transaction and my family members are missing.

If you recently created a new account in our new system, it will not contain any of your past transactions, history or account credits because information from our old system was not transferred over to our new system. Once you start using your new account, transactions will begin to show. 

Financial assistance

Where do I look to see if my financial assistance has been added? 
Login to your account, select a family member name, then select 'Subsidy Allocations' from the list on the left hand side. A box will appear which will display all financial assistance associated with this family member. Please visit our web page for more Financial Assistance Program information.

Gift cards

How can I purchase a gift card?
Gift cards can be purchased in person at a Customer Service counter at one of our facilities. Gift cards can be used to pay for a Town of Milton program in-person or online.