Milton’s Neighbourhood outdoor rinks program began in winter 2022-23. The program is a collaborative effort between residents and the Town of Milton. Neighbourhood rinks provide a community building opportunity where a group of neighbours work together to build and operate the rink at a community park for all residents to enjoy, free of charge.

Rink guidelines

Rinks are unsupervised and not operated by Town staff.

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment please follow these rules:

  • Only skate on the ice when the sign indicates it is open
  • Skates must be worn on the surface at all times. No boots or shoes allowed.
  • Skate at your own risk. CSA approved helmets are strongly encouraged to be worn by all skaters.
  • Rink is open from dawn to dusk. When Town lighting is available, or alternate lighting has been pre-approved, the rink may be open until 10 p.m.
  • Open to all members of the community & share with skaters of all ages and abilities
  • No charge to use this rink
  • Place garbage in the containers provided
  • No pets, food or drinks on the ice surface
  • The Town of Milton is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of the neighbourhood outdoor ice rink facilities.

Important dates

  • Neighbourhood outdoor ice rink application available online - Oct. 10 
  • Neighbourhood outdoor ice rink application closed - Nov. 3
  • Applications reviewed - Nov. 6 -10
  • Volunteer teams contacted and site locations confirmed - Nov. 20-24
  • Volunteer training (policies and procedures) - Dec. 12
  • Volunteer training (ice making and maintenance) - Dec. 16
  • Rinks open (weather dependent) - January - February 2024
  • Rinks close (weather dependent) - March 2024

Neighbourhood rink application

The application must include a minimum of six (6) adult members from different households, over the age of 18, who live in the surrounding area and are committed to maintain the ice rink throughout the winter season. There must be one primary contact person.

Neighbourhood rink responsibilities

Responsibilities of volunteer teams

  • Adhere to all procedures as established
  • Attend initial training by the Town and sign off to acknowledge roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure ongoing commitment of at least six (6) adults, from different households, who agree to support the rink
  • Provide daily maintenance, flooding and supervision of the rink to standards acceptable to the Town
  • Complete a daily neighbourhood ice rink record during the rink season and submit these to the Town staff
  • Provide reasonable control and clean-up of garbage and litter
  • Provide shovels and rink maintenance equipment
  • Plan for and provide water to support ongoing rink flooding
  • Maintain open emergency access route
  • Allow access to all members of the community
  • Return in good repair all tools/equipment loaned by the Town for support of ice rink

Responsibilities of Town staff

  • Conduct volunteer training
  • Cover liability insurance for the volunteer group where service levels, inspection expectations and the agreement is upheld
  • Review any requests for additions to the rink (i.e. lighting and fencing)
  • Act as a point of contact between Town and a committee member in case of concerns or emergencies
  • Provide support for the care and maintenance of an outdoor ice rink
  • Provide and install perimeter boards for the approved site (approximate size is 32’ x 64’)
  • Complete initial water fill of rink
  • Provide up to $500 per rink to support rink maintenance costs
  • Provide a picnic table
  • Monitor the park throughout the season for safety purposes
  • Provide and install rink rules and open/closed signage

Report an issue

To report an issue with a neighbourhood rink, please visit the page below.

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