Hearing from citizens improves our work at the Town of Milton.

We engage residents to ensure that Town goals and objectives reflect the needs and priorities of residents.

In fall 2022, a random telephone survey contacted 600 residents for their confidential, anonymous, and voluntary responses. Results were weighted by age, gender and household income to reflect the Town’s demographics in the 2021 Census data.

These results will help inform Council decision making, as they identify our next set of strategic priorities. We will repeat the survey to help measure our progress.

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Top of mind issues

  1. Transportation (48%): Traffic, roads, public transit
  2. Development & infrastructure (28%): Population, maintaining infrastructure, rapid development
  3. Economic items (16%): Affordable housing


  1. Community/People (42%): Small-town feel, friendly people, diverse community
  2. Services (13%): Parks, sports, festivals, events
  3. Outdoor items (10%): Nature, trails, gardens

Priorities and planning

  • Most respondents were satisfied with the quality of Town services, and positively rated the respect, timeliness and knowledge of Town employees.
  • Opportunities exist when it comes to roads planning and managing growth.
  • Most residents say that they receive good value for their tax dollars. Most think the Town should maintain service levels, even if taxes/user fees increase.

Information and service

  • Residents most commonly use the website (45%) to interact with the Town, most often using their mobile phone.
  • 68% are satisfied with their most recent interaction with the Town, 87% rate Town employees as respectful and 82% rate them as knowledgeable.


Citizen Engagement Survey 2022 infographic