Currently, there are not any tax sales being offered.

Registration of a lien on title

If property taxes are a minimum of two calendar years in arrears, the Town may take action, which includes registering a lien or Tax Arrears Certificate on title as per the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 and advertise the property for sale.

Tax Arrears Certificate

When your property taxes are not paid for a minimum of two years prior to Jan. 1 of any year, the Town of Milton may register a Tax Arrears Certificate against your property under Section 371 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

A Tax Arrears Certificate indicates that the property will be sold if all the tax arrears, interest, penalties and legal costs incurred by the Town and future instalments already billed (together referred to as Cancellation Price), are not paid within this one-year period.

Once a certificate has been registered, the Town cannot accept partial payments unless the owner has entered into an extension agreement with the Town prior to the expiry of the one-year period.

Sale of a property due to unpaid taxes

The Town may advertise the sale of the property due to unpaid taxes through the public tender process. Advertisements are published in the Ontario Gazette for one week, and will either appear digitally in the local Canadian Champion newspaper, or be posted by hardcopy in a prominent Town owned facility, for a minimum of four weeks. 

These sales are not typical real estate transactions. If you are considering taking part in a sale, you may wish to seek independent legal advice from a lawyer licensed to practice in Ontario, and in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada.