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Below are some answers to questions that are frequently asked about submitting a building permit application.

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 Granting others access to your account
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Accounts and passwords

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

From the Town of Milton online permit service login page, select “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address used when creating a registered user account. An email will be sent to you, confirming the password reset request, while also providing a link that will direct you to the Town of Milton online permit service login page, to enter a new password.
Please check your spam and junk mail folders for the email. 

How do I create an account?

Once on the landing page select the “First time users create an account” option, then follow the instruction on the form. Note: items shown with *(in red) are required fields

What type of account should I create (e.g. individual or organization)?

We do not offer organization accounts. An organization name can be entered to the registered user account, but it's not an organization account where multiple people can be added as registered users.

Individual accounts apply to:

  1. A homeowner applying for permits on their own behalf.
  2. An authorized agent (designer/contractor) acting on the owner’s behalf

Can I have an individual account and an organization account using the same email address?

 We do not offer organization accounts, only individual accounts as an owner or authorized agent.

Can my company/business have multiple accounts using the same email address?

No. Individual accounts for staff within an organization must be created.

Can I have multiple individual accounts using one email address? Example a husband and wife using the same email address.

No. You cannot create multiple individual accounts using the same email address. Please create individual accounts with unique email addresses.

How do I change my email address, name, address, phone number, etc.?

You can change your address and phone numbers through your profile. You can access your profile from the dashboard under “Profile”. The email address cannot be changed – please contact your assigned Permit Administrator to do this.

Granting others access to your accounts

How can I give others access to my permit?

If you would like to grant access to anyone other than yourself, please contact your Permit Administrator.

I am an employee of an organization or business, how do I see permit information?

Permit information is displayed once you are signed in. These can be found in the “My permits” section. You will be able to see all permits that have been granted, under that profile.

Can I remove or change a contractor on my permit?

No. Please contact your assigned Permit Administrator to change these details.

Why is my personal information being collected on this website?

Under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c25 (as amended), personal information will be collected by the Amanda Permit Portal, and will only be used for managing your accounts. All collection, use and disclosure of personal information are still regulated according to the provisions of Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O.1990, c.M.56.

Questions about your personal information can be directed to the Information Governance and Records Manager, Town of Milton, 150 Mary Street, Milton, Ontario. L9T 6Z5, (905) 878-7252 ext. 2112


How much will my building permit application cost?

Visit our building permits page to view the rates and fees.

Where do I go to pay my permit application fee?

The minimum permit fee is payable at time you submit your application. Once the application has been through a preliminary review, if any additional fees are owing, you will be notified by email to sign into your account to pay the additional permit fee. Select “Pay selected fees” from the dashboard and navigate to the applicable fee.

Any development charge fees (if applicable) will need to be paid in person at Town Hall cashier (located on the first floor). Acceptable method payment includes cash, debit, certified cheque, or bank draft.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card transactions up to $10,000 can be paid online using either Visa or Mastercard. 

Can I pay fees on multiple permits?

Yes. Sign into your account and select “Bills” from the dashboard. All outstanding fees for all permits will be listed. Select any fees from any permit that add up to be $10,000 or less and then select “Pay selected fees”.

Any development charge fees (if applicable) will need to be paid in person at Town Hall cashier (located on the first floor).

How do I pay a fee that is over $10,000?

Building permit fees over $10,000 are not payable by Visa or MasterCard. They must be made in person at Town Hall cashier (located on the first floor), using the payment form provided.

How can I update my billing information?

You can change your personal information through your profile. You can access your profile from the dashboard under “Profile”.

Drawings and forms

What drawings do I need to submit with my permit application?

When entering information for your application, you will be prompted to submit a number of required documents based on the permit type. Visit building permits for additional information on drawing requirements. You will also be asked to submit the required drawings at the time of your application (required info is marked with *).

Do I need to hire an architect, engineer or designer to do my drawings?

No, as most smaller residential projects can be designed by the homeowner, as long as the drawings to scale and include all of the required information. If you feel that your project is too complicated to handle yourself, we recommend that you retain the services of a qualified designer to prepare your drawings and specifications.

Can I submit photos of my drawings?

Photos will not be accepted. We can only accept digital or scanned PDF files.

Are there requirements for drawings?

Review all requirements for residential drawings prior to submitting.

File requirements:

  • All files must be in PDF format, created using Adobe version 1.4 or higher
  • The files can’t be secured in any way (e.g. not password protected)
  • If any PDF files have bookmarks, all bookmarks must work properly
  • All drawings must be drawn to a recognizable scale (e.g. ¼” = 1’-0”) and dimensioned to the outside of exterior walls
  • Single line drawings will not be accepted
  • Files shall not exceed 20MB in size. If files are larger than 20MB please call 905-878-7252 ext. 2397 or send an email to request a secure Sharefile link to upload information.

Where can I find the forms that I need to submit with my permit application?

Various forms that may need to be submitted can be found at under the additional forms section on the building permits page.  

Applying for permits

How do I apply for a building permit?

From the main dashboard, select the “Apply for new permit” button to begin a new application. A listing of all submissions made will be displayed. Submissions in progress will display as “internet incomplete”. Please resume any previously started applications.

Can I start and save a building permit application to complete later?

Yes. If you have started a building permit application you can select “Save for later” at the bottom of the application page. Your progress will be saved with a status of "internet incomplete". To resume your application, select the “Apply for new permit” button from the main dashboard. A listing of all building permits and draft applications will be presented. Select the “Continue” button beside the selected appropriate application.

What if I can’t find my address?

Try searching with less information. Start with just the street name, then select the address from the list.

The owner’s name changed from what I put on the application. Why?

Building services staff will verify ownership, and update as needed, once the building permit application has been submitted.

How do I check the status of my application?

You are able to check the status of your application when you are logged into the online permit service tool. Once signed in, a listing of permit applications will display, showing their status.

My permit was refused. What do I do?

Once the application has been made through the online permit service tool, with the required information and the minimum permit fee has been paid, the application will undergo a preliminary review to determine its completeness. If any additional items are required to support the application, you will be notified by email of a status change, prompting you to log in to the portal for more information located under the “Supporting documents” tab.

What type of permit do I need to apply for?

Select the drop down feature on the “Apply for new permit” page to review the types of applications you can apply for online. 

Making changes to a permit

I need to make changes to my permit, do I just upload the new drawings?

Note: Our online permit tool cannot be used to apply for revision permits to approved permits or permit applications made outside of the portal. To make changes, please call 905-878-7252 ext. 2397 or email us, as they cannot be processed online.

How do I cancel my permit?

Under the “Home” tab on the dashboard, in the “My permits” section, there is a “Request cancellation” button that can be used to request the cancellation of the permit application. A permit administrator will contact you for further information and to cancel your application. 

Booking inspections

What inspections do I need to have done?

A list of all required inspections can be found on your issued building permit. Assigned building inspections can also be viewed under the "Process" tab in the "Book inspection" section.

How can I request a specific time for my inspection?

Only a.m. or p.m. can be selected. The inspection will be at the discretion of the Building Inspector, where time permits. Be sure to include a name and phone number when you make your request, so that you can receive a call of the expected window of time when the Building Inspector will arrive. These calls are made on the day of the scheduled inspection.

How do I know if my inspection request is confirmed?

You can see the confirmation of your request by viewing your permit online. Under the "Process" tab, any assigned inspections under "Actions," will display "Cancel inspection". If your requested day or time can’t be accommodated, you will receive a phone call. Be sure to include your phone number on all booking requests.

Can I book inspections for multiple permits at a time?

No. Inspections can only be booked for individual issued permits. However, you can book multiple inspections for one permit at a time. You must log into each individual permit to view and schedule multiple inspections.

Can my contractor or sub-contractor book an inspection on my permit?

If you would like to grant access to anyone other than yourself to access the portal to schedule inspections on your behalf, please contact your Permit Administrator.

System questions

What are the system requirements for using the form?

Town of Milton online permit service tool works on all the latest browsers and on all Windows and Apple devices.

What format can the files be uploaded? File size limit, etc.

Only PDF’s that have no security settings applied are accepted online, with a maximum size limit of 20MB per file.

How can I contact customer support?

Should you require additional assistance at any time, please call 905-878-7252 ext. 2397 or send an email.

How can I provide feedback or report a problem with the page/site?

Please send us an email to provide any feedback or report a problem.


I just applied for my permit. Can I start the work right away?

No. Submitting an application does not mean that you have obtained a building permit. You are not permitted to start any work until the permit is issued.

How long will it take to review my building permit application?

Once a complete submission is received, most residential applications are reviewed within 10 business days. The review of larger residential applications can take up to 15 business days.

How do I access my building permit or building permit package?

  1. Log onto the Town of Milton online permit service tool
  2. From the dashboard select “Home” to bring up “My permits” to show all active applications
  3. Navigate to your permit and select the desired one
  4. Open the permit details by clicking on the “Detail” icon
  5. Within the permit details screen, select the “Supporting documents” tab at top of page and expand the box
  6. The building permit and building permit package will be included in the listing of documents
  7. Click "Preview" to review documents and "Download" to print off the approved permit details

I’m a new home owner and realized that work was done without a permit at my house. Will the Building Inspector make me rip everything out when I apply for a permit?

This will be at the sole discretion of the Building Inspector, as they need to confirm construction conforms to the Ontario Building Code regulations.

What is the Town of Milton’s privacy policy?

The personal information on this portal is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

How can I see if a Milton property has a building permit?

You can conduct a property search through the Town of Milton online permit service tool. Permits and applications for a specific property or a street for building permit status, can be located in the "Public search" area of the tool.