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On Jan. 23, 2023, Milton Council approved the 2023 budget representing an investment of $63 million in capital projects and $184 million through the operating budget to deliver programs and services to Milton’s growing community.   

The 2023 budget includes investment in:

  • Customer service
  • Modernization of services
  • Sustainability
  • Asset management
  • Quality community assets

The 2023 capital portion of the budget represents a $63 million investment in 132 projects, including new infrastructure to support the Town’s growth and expansion, as well as the rehabilitation and replacement of existing infrastructure.  

The operating portion provides $184 million for the day-to-day operations at the Town that deliver important services to our community. It provides the funding to deliver services such as fire, snow clearing, maintenance of roads and parks, transit, Milton Public Library, stormwater pond maintenance, culture and recreation.

The Town is responsible for collecting property taxes for three agencies -Town of Milton, Halton Region, and the Province (school boards). Your property tax bill is a combination of these three agencies. It is important to note that the Town of Milton’s services are only a portion (40 per cent) of your overall tax bill. This combination (Halton Region, Town of Milton, school boards), is often referred to as the blended property tax rate and is what a taxpayer will see on their property tax bill and results in the household impact.

As a result of the 2023 approved budget, Milton’s portion of the property tax bill will increase by 7.99%, with an estimated overall blended rate of 4.42 per cent, pending approval of Halton Region’s budget at their meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Therefore, the average overall household property tax bill may increase in 2023 by $31.09 per $100,000 of residential assessment.

The average residential home in Milton assessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at $600,000 can expect to pay approximately $4,407.30 in property taxes for 2023.

Visit the Town’s website to view the 2023 budget highlights. To learn more about how the 2023 budget impacts residential taxes, visit the Town’s website after Jan. 25.


"Through this budget, Milton council and staff worked hard to balance the cost of living and inflation with providing our residents the service levels they expect from us and rely upon. We are taking meaningful steps to make key strategic investments in road safety, park developments, infrastructure renewal and future growth. We know how important these services are to Miltonians and I'd like to thank everyone who made their voices heard through this budget process."

- Sameera Ali
Budget Chair, Regional Councillor, Town of Milton

"The 2023 budget supports the ongoing need for investment in our service levels and key community assets. This budget supports sustainable growth and further enhances opportunities for our diverse community to access quality programming, places and spaces.”

- Andrew Siltala
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Milton

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