Public service announcement 

The Town of Milton is introducing an Administrative Penalties System (APS) that allows those who receive a parking ticket to work with Town staff to resolve the penalty notice instead of going through the provincial court system. This new system avoids a lengthy and sometimes costly process under the provincial courts, and offers a more user-friendly experience for those who have been ticketed.

Starting Feb. 1, 2022, anyone who receives a parking ticket or penalty notice can either pay the ticket within 15 days, or dispute it by scheduling a meeting with a screening officer to review it.

A screening officer conducts an initial review of the reported offence and makes a decision to reject, reduce or confirm the penalty. If the customer disagrees with the screening officer’s decision, the matter is referred to an independent hearing officer who makes a final decision on the penalty.

Visit the parking page to find detailed information on APS, the processes, and the Town’s parking regulations.

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