Yesterday, the Premier announced the Ontario Government's commitment to supporting the expansion of the GO train service along the Milton line, promising Two-Way All-Day GO service by 2031. This commitment marks a significant advancement in our long-standing priority for enhanced and integrated transportation in Milton. We celebrate this announcement as a positive step forward, yet we remain focused on the journey ahead to achieve further milestones.

The integration of provincial and local transit systems is crucial for stimulating our economy and job market, as it facilitates the seamless movement of people and goods. To progress with enhanced service and infrastructure investment in Milton, a coordinated effort across local, provincial, and federal levels is essential.

In Milton, our commitment to this vision is evident through accelerated investments and prioritization of our transit system, aimed at improving connections to other services and boosting transit ridership. Our community's growth is strategically planned, relying on efficient transportation to support our residents and employer needs to live, work, and learn.

Our ongoing collaboration with Metrolinx focuses on the necessary enhancements to the Milton GO station and our shared commitment to the reconstruction of Nipissing Road in our Uptown area. We are eager to see these critical projects progress in the near future.

In 2022, we received a reaffirmation of support from the federal Minister of Transportation, who sent a letter to my office underscoring the federal government's pledge to make improvements to the Milton rail corridor. These improvements are vital for supporting the enhanced service we strive for.

Following yesterday's announcement and in line with our ongoing efforts, the Town is dedicated to collaborating with all levels of government. This partnership is key to advancing our Council's priority of integrated transportation, which is integral to realizing our long-term vision for Milton 2051. We eagerly anticipate an upcoming joint meeting to discuss how these collaborative efforts can converge to facilitate progress and commence construction.

Mayor Gord Krantz