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In an unwavering commitment to keeping our residents well-informed and actively engaged, the Town of Milton has tailored resources readily available via news and notices and through various Town newsletters. These serve as invaluable sources for essential Town updates, important alerts and detailed program information available for residents.

Municipal news

Stay up-to-date on local news, pivotal Town developments, and important announcements.

Community alerts

Be informed regarding road closures, emergency notifications, and imperative Town alerts.

Subscribe to our newsletters

A means to receive tailored updates regarding the diverse and exciting activities and programs the Town has available, delivered straight to your inbox.

By accessing these resources, residents are not only staying informed, but actively participating in the growth and betterment of Milton.

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Milton: your town, your news, your community.

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For media inquiries, please contact: 

Rob Faulkner
Senior Advisor, Public Relations
Email Communications Staff