User guide for electronic delegates 

Prepare for the meeting 

  • Set up your equipment prior to the meeting
  • Download the Zoom desktop app if you don’t already have it
  • To reduce background noise, use a headset and microphone
  • Test your audio and video
  • Close unnecessary tabs in your browser or Applications on your computer


  • Lighting should come from in front of you or from the side, in order to best light your face
  • Keep your background clear of distractions
  • Look at your webcam, not at the screen 
  • Use gestures and mannerisms that you would typically use in person

Participate productively  

  • Make sure everyone can hear you 
  • Use a microphone when you speak
  • Make sure the microphone is on and close enough to pick up your voice, no matter what location you are in 
  • Mute yourself when done speaking to limit background noise

Technology tips 

  • Test Zoom before the meeting:
  • Try to use wired internet versus wireless 
  • If you have to use Wi-Fi make sure you are near the router/modem with a strong signal 
  • To improve connection speed, ensure there are no other devices using the internet while you are on a Zoom call

General electronic participation procedures 

Requests to delegate

  • Requests to delegate electronically shall be made by way of submitting a Delegate Request form.
  • Requests must be submitted by noon two days before the Council Meeting
  • For example, if the Council Meeting is on a Monday, requests to delegate shall be submitted by noon on the Thursday before the meeting
  • Delegates may leave a voicemail at the following number 905-878-7252 ext. 0 requesting assistance with submitting their delegation request

Delegate submissions

  • All submissions will be tested in advance and requests to delegate shall contain a copy of the delegate’s intended remarks which will be circulated to all Council members in advance as a back-up to technology.

Connecting to the meeting

  • Participants shall connect to the conference no later than 20 minutes before the meeting
  • Participants that are calling in with two devices (laptop and phone) shall provide the phone number being used to Legislative and Legal Services, prior to the commencement of the meeting
  •  Delegates will receive instructions from Legislative and Legal Services on how to connect to meetings and a test run will be scheduled shortly after a delegate request is received

 Meeting procedures

  • Please do not share the Council meeting link on social media or with others – these links have the password integrated and are unique to your email address and are to be treated as confidential
  • Staff are responsible for hosting the meeting When waiting to be called upon by the Mayor/Chair, all delegates will have their audio on mute and their video will be turned off
  • Staff will be turning on delegate audio/video when prompted by the Mayor/Chair
  • In the event of a connection/service interruption with a delegate’s participation in the electronic meeting, their written submission will be used as their delegation 
  • The Mayor/Chair may indicate when the delegate has one minute left to complete their delegation

Please note, all Electronic Council Meetings are livestreamed on the Town of Milton’s YouTube channel.