The Commemorative Tree and Bench Program provides an opportunity for members of the public to recognize and honour an individual, group or occasion others while benefitting Milton's parks, trails, facilities and the community as a whole.


Step 1: Contact us to discuss your site preferences. Please note: not all sites are suitable for a commemorative item.

Step 2: Town staff will arrange to meet at the recommended site to confirm the final location. The Town of Milton reserves the right to select the final location of the tree or bench.

Step 3: The tree species or bench type will be determined based on location and suitability.

Commemorative benches

The Town standard park bench, installed on a concrete pad, is used for this program. This bench is made from a high-quality, powder-coated steel with an engraved Corian plaque. The final wording of the bench plaque must be approved by the Town of Milton. 

Cost: $4,500-$5,000 + HST (pricing may vary depending on bench style and location)

Commemorative benches are priced to include the option of a plaque, however, a bench without a plaque may also be selected. 

Commemorative trees

Trees and benches installed through this program are considered to be a donation to the Town’s park system for all to enjoy and benefit from.

Tree species selection
The following tree species are recommended for the commemorative tree program because they have a greater survival rate in open space environments and contribute to a diverse and healthy urban forest. Other species may be considered upon request. Please note: final species selection is at the discretion of Town staff.  
  • American beech
  • Amur cork
  • Basswood
  • Black gum
  • Black walnut
  • Blue spruce
  • Celebration maple
  • Colorado spruce
  • Ginkgo
  • Hackberry
  • Ironwood
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • Jeffersred maple
  • Kentucky coffeetree
  • Littleleaf linden
  • October Glory maple
  • Ornamental pear
  • Pioneer elm
  • Red oak
  • Serviceberry
  • Sugar maple
  • Tulip tree
  • Turkish hazel

Tree planting

Tree planting will only take place in the spring or fall planting season to maximize the chance of survival. Each tree includes a two-year warranty and replacement of the tree within this period will be at the Town’s discretion.

The Town of Milton's Community Services Department will coordinate the commemorative tree planting or bench installation with an approved contractor. For this reason, a gathering ceremony cannot be arranged at the specific time of planting or installation. Please contact us should you wish to coordinate a gathering ceremony after installation.

Cost: $500-$900 + HST (prices may vary depending on tree species and availability)

Commemorative trees are priced without a plaque. Please contact us to discuss plaque options.