Post Election Accessibility Report: Within 90 days after voting day in a regular election, the clerk shall prepare a report about the identification, removal and prevention of barriers that affect electors and candidates with disabilities and shall make the report available to the public, as per Section 12(3) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. 

Candidate requirements 

You can run for the Office of Mayor, Regional Chair, Regional Councillor, Town Councillor, and English and/or French School Board Trustees. Individuals voted in as a Regional Councillor will also serve at the Region of Halton. Please note, nominations are now closed.

Information for candidates  

Campaign spending

  • You cannot spend money to campaign, or ask for or accept contributions before filing nomination forms
  • There are limits to how much you can spend during a campaign
  • An expense shall not be incurred by or under the direction of a candidate outside their election campaign period (2016, c. 15, s. 58)

More information will be available when nominations open in 2022.

Financial statements

  • All candidates must disclose their campaign finance information to the Town by filing a financial statement with the Town Clerk’s Office 
  • For candidates who incur costs related to a recount, controverted election or compliance audit after the supplementary campaign period has passed, and who receives the surplus funds from their campaign held in trust from the clerk, must file the financial statement – subsequent expenses form
  • All candidates who have a deficit at the end of the regular campaign period and wish to extend their campaign, must file a notice of extension of campaign period
  • All financial statements filed with the Town are available to the public according to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996

For more information, review the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Candidates’ Guide.

Municipal election resources 

Municipal election 

General information

To request information in an alternative format, please fill out the request for Alternate Formats form. You can also make a request by email or call us at 905-878-7252 ext. 2109.