Today, the Premier and the Honourable Minister Clark announced that the Strong Mayor powers will expand to 26 additional municipalities, including Milton. These mayors represent large and fast-growing municipalities that have committed to a housing pledge as part of the province’s work to build 1.5 million homes by 2031.

The Strong Mayors’ powers have been in place for the municipalities of Toronto and Ottawa since November 2022. The system enables mayors to have additional powers beyond those of other members of Council.

In my 14th term as Mayor, I have fully demonstrated the importance of the democratic system, and will continue to ensure that the decisions made in Milton are reflective of Milton’s priorities and those elected to represent our community. We undertake significant public consultation on matters impacting our community, as well as rely on technical experts to inform our decision making.

Milton continues to be aligned with provincial priorities, specifically enabling the growth of a varied housing supply. While this system enables the ability to execute additional powers, I will not take that responsibility lightly or without significant consideration. I’ll continue to act in a manner that supports the values I have proven through my time as an elected official of collaboration, compromise and consensus-building.

Mayor Gord Krantz