Construction notice

The Town of Milton’s annual asphalt overlay program is running from May to the fall. Contractor Gazzola Paving Ltd. will be resurfacing the roads shown in the interactive road closures and construction map. This work will include partial or full asphalt removal, asphalt paving, localized curb and sidewalk replacement, asphalt sealing and reinstatement of pavement markings, where present.

Residents are advised that construction will commence after construction signage is in place. Depending on the length of the road, the time required to complete the full scope of work varies.

The following is the standard sequence of the work:

  • Construction signage-traffic control
  • Subdrain (when applicable)
  • Concrete curb and sidewalk removal (isolated locations)
  • Concrete restoration work (localized areas)
  • Asphalt milling
  • Base asphalt (when applicable)
  • Asphalt testing -waiting period for results
  • Maintenance hole adjustment
  • Asphalt base repairs
  • Surface asphalt
  • Asphalt testing -waiting period for results
  • In depth preservative sealing
  • Waiting period for sealing to cure
  • Line Painting
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Sod final restoration localized areas (only section disturbed due to concrete work)

Planning ahead

Driveway access: Direct access to your driveway may be restricted for short periods of time. We will provide advance notice of any planned restrictions.

Dust and mud: There may be increased levels of dust and mud near the work site. The

contractor is required to manage these impacts.

Mail delivery: We do not anticipate any changes or delays to mail delivery. We will provide advance notice if there are any changes.

Noise: You may experience noise as a result of road improvements. We will schedule

work in accordance with local noise by-laws.

Precondition photos: In the coming weeks, a Town representative will take photos

of the curbs and sidewalks in front of your home before the project begins.
Parking: Residents may need to temporarily park on side streets when certain construction activities are being performed

Irrigation and landscaping: The Town will not be held responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems and private landscaping elements that have been placed within the public road allowance. 

Sod: If your lawn or landscaping has been impacted by this work, new sod will be placed. This work may be delayed, depending on weather, to improve chance of the sod surviving. If sod is replaced as part of the above works, it would be appreciated if residents could assist by watering the sod to establish proper growth.

Property restoration: Final property restoration will be completed towards the end of the

construction project (weather permitting): If your driveway will be impacted by this work, the contractor will inform you in advance of the driveway restoration work to allow the vehicles to be removed from the driveway or out of the garage as required. The section of your driveway that is impacted will be restored.

Traffic delays: The project may cause traffic delays, lane shifts or lane restrictions. We will make every effort to minimize any potential inconvenience. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times.

Truck traffic: You will notice occasional increases in truck traffic around the ongoing

improvements. Please be aware and use extra caution while driving. Traffic control on site will be provided and needs to be followed by everyone entering the construction zone.

Waste collection: Your garbage and recycling will continue to be picked up on your regular scheduled collection day.

Road closures

All road closures can be found using our interactive road closure map. Construction timelines are dependent on many factors, including weather. Follow the Town of Milton on Facebook and Twitter for any schedule changes.

Lane restrictions will occur daily from May to completion of the project in fall 2023. Traffic delays are expected. Access to all residences and emergency services will be maintained during construction. 

Investing in the Roads to Possibility 

The Town of Milton is investing in community infrastructure to make your travel safe and accessible. We thank you for your patience. During construction, the public is encouraged to plan travel in advance, consider alternate routes, follow signage and be patient while traveling in and around construction areas.

Town-led construction is essential municipal work to ensure Milton’s infrastructure remains safe, in state of good repair and able to meet the community’s needs now and in the future. For more information about the project and road closures throughout the Town, visit our road construction page.