Programs and services notice

The Town of Milton will be pruning Town trees throughout the year in select neighbourhoods in the community. The work will be performed by Town staff and contractors.

Through the annual neighbourhood tree pruning program, trees are typically pruned every five to 10 years, until they are fully mature.

Only trees on Town property, located at the front and side of residential properties, are pruned. Specifically, these are the trees located between the roadway and sidewalk, or in the absence of a sidewalk, between the roadway and a private building.

This year, trees in Beaty, Coates and Scott neighbourhood will be pruned.

This work is done for safety:

  • Maintain minimum clearance standards over vehicular areas like roads and driveways (four metres) and pedestrian areas like sidewalks and house walkways (2.4 metres)
  • Clear large deadwood and structure pruning  

Although the visual changes may appear drastic at first, rest assured that all pruning will be performed to the correct arboriculture standards, and with the intent to limit stress to the trees.

How you can help

  • Where applicable, please remove all seasonal lights and objects from Town trees immediately
  • Avoid parking vehicles under a tree on your street until the tree has been pruned

Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and cooperation.