Public service announcement

The Town of Milton is prepared to keep traffic moving safely this winter season. Staff are ready to clear more than 1,615 lane kilometres of regional and Town roads and over 250 kilometres of walkways and sidewalks.

Road clearing

In the event of a snowfall, snow clearing resources will be deployed to Town roadways.

The Town prioritizes snow plowing routes based on emergency service routes, traffic volumes and road use.

A significant weather event declaration, where there is an expected snow accumulation of 20+ cm, will result in longer than normal snow removal response times.

Similar to last winter, residents can follow snow removal activities using Plow Tracks. Updates are being made to the Plow Tracks software this year and it will be tested during the first winter event. Plow Tracks will not be live to the public until this is complete.

Please be patient while you wait for plows to get to your area and remember to give yourself extra time to get where you need to go.


Plow operators work to clear snow on the roadways to keep traffic flowing. Snow coming off the plows is pushed to the right side of the road, to keep it away from traffic. This results in piles of snow at the end of driveways called windrows.

The Town only clears windrows, if they are part of the Windrow Removal Program. Homeowners not part of the program are required to clear their own windrows.

Residents are encouraged to help older adults and people with physical disabilities by offering to help clear snow and ice from their property.

Winter parking

Vehicles left on the street pose an obstacle to snow-clearing activities, making it dangerous and sometimes impossible to properly clear the street. Cars should not park on the road when plows are out maintaining the streets.

The Town is servicing and maintaining various park parking lots this winter, which provides residents who rely on street parking to have an option to park their vehicle when exceptions are suspended. Parking in these lots is allowed for a 48-hour period.

Staying informed

To stay informed, please monitor the following:

It takes time to clean up after a snow event. Be a good neighbour and be kind to our snow plow drivers.

Please wait 24 hours after the snowfall has ended to report concerns unless they are safety-related. Concerns that cannot be addressed through the self-serve options, should be referred to or 905-878-7282 ext. 2500. This is the best way to ensure they are recorded, prioritized and resolved quickly. Please note that depending on the time of the storm and volume of calls/emails, messages will only be returned if further clarity is required or a response is warranted.

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For media inquiries, please contact: 

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Communications Advisor
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