The Town of Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.  It is truly a place of possibility, located in a world-class technology cluster with access to outstanding natural assets and community infrastructure, and home to a highly skilled workforce.  Its family-oriented neighbourhoods, location and labour pool makes the community one of the top places for real estate investment in the province.

Council and staff are focused on strategic planning to meet the future needs of Milton. As part of this planning, Council identifies priorities during each of term to focus budget and activities to those priorities that ultimately result in significant impact to the community. Additionally, master and secondary planning contribute to the blueprint for the future expansion in the community or the organization, and are tied directly to Council priorities or core business goals. These plans will identify economic and other factors such as infrastructure and facility development, service delivery, land use planning, and sustainability.

Strategic planning involves significant community engagement and input, and often identifies organizational and community needs from anywhere from one to 20 years into the future. 

Council Staff Work Plan 2020-2023

Master Plans

Environment, Conservation, & Demand Energy Plan