The Town of Milton has undertaken a places of worship study to meet the needs of our diverse community and help local faith leaders find a place in Milton for their faith groups to gather. Recognizing the significant contributions faith groups make as members of the community, the Town is reviewing issues that should be considered when preparing policies and regulations that meet the changing needs of both faith groups and the overall community.

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Official Plan review

Places of worship have been researched as a Big Question through Milton’s Official Plan project, We Make Milton. The research includes a review of provincial and regional policies and a scan of how other places provide the opportunity for the development of new places of worship.

The We Make Milton Big Question is: How can the new Official Plan help address the land needs of Milton’s diverse faith groups? How can we help provide more choice by facilitating and supporting the establishment of new places of worship?

The Town has also identified a set of policy considerations that we will be shared with the public for feedback in spring 2022.

Some of the research questions include:

  • How do places of worship contribute to a complete community and how can we support opportunities for development?
  • How can we engage our faith groups and provide clearer direction earlier in the planning process?
  • How do we better define and plan for places of worship and their accessory/auxiliary use?
  • How can places of worship be shared/co-located with other uses?
  • Where should places of worship be developed so that site requirements, like parking, can be met?

Development applications

The Town has received two development applications for places of worship, which are currently being reviewed by staff.

Applications for places of worship
Name of applicationAddressApplication numberApplication type

St. George & St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church

555 Steeles Ave. E. SP-33-21 Site plan

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada Inc.

1456 Bronte St. S. Z-12-21

Zoning By-law amendments