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↓ Zoning By-law and Official Plan amendments
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The Downtown Study’s goal is to find ways to revitalize and redevelop Milton’s downtown and provide the foundation by which cultural and economic activity can flourish in the core of our community.

Downtown Study Final Report

Milton Council endorsed the Downtown Study Final Report on Jan. 9, 2017, which set the stage for changes to the two Study areas.

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Appendices to the Final Downtown Study Report:

Study areas

The Downtown Study consists of two areas:

  1. The Primary Area that includes the historic downtown core and Milton-owned lands in the Civic Precinct
  2. The Secondary Area that surrounds the historic downtown core, which is known as the Character Area

3D concepts, videos and illustrations

We held a public open house on September 22, 2016, which included a presentation with 3D concepts, a video walkthrough and sketches that show potential changes to certain locations within the downtown core.

Zoning By-law and Official Plan amendments

As a result of the Study, we proposed new zoning and local Official Plan policy changes for the downtown to create a flexible policy framework to help with revitalization.

On Sept. 25, 2017, Milton Council passed:

  • By-law No. 094-2017 that adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 46
  • By-law No. 095-2017 that changes zoning by-laws under sections 17(23) and 34 of the Planning Act

As we received no appeals, the by-laws are now in effect.

Creating a healthy downtown

Through a market analysis, we identified ways to revitalize our downtown through policy changes, partnerships and redevelopment of Milton-owned lands. The analysis gives the area’s market information including vacancy and turnover rates as well as suitable uses to create a sustainable and vibrant downtown.

Civic presence

Milton Town Hall is a key part of our downtown revitalization. Redeveloping Milton-owned lands and growing our civic presence downtown will help future development. We own 2.76 acres or around 65% of the land downtown.

Building on heritage

Protecting Milton’s identity as we develop and enhance the downtown area is essential. Downtown should be a place where everyone in the community, not just residents in the surrounding area, can appreciate and feel connected to Milton's history. 

Vibrant and engaging

Making sure that the downtown has many uses will ensure its vibrancy, economic viability and distinct sense of identity. Our goal is to create an engaging public space that benefits the community and is available to people at any time of the day. As we want to encourage development while protecting the identity of the downtown core, finding the appropriate uses in optimal locations is critical. 

Pedestrian-friendly spaces

Downtown areas often cater to pedestrians in order to create a safe space that enables an interactive community. We want to ensure that Milton’s downtown has pedestrian-friendly streets and that motorized vehicles do not dictate how spaces can be used.

Community gathering place

We want to ensure that the downtown is a civic gathering space. This would include a public square as the symbolic heart of our community.