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The Boyne Survey Secondary Plan was prepared to house 50,000 residents when fully implemented. The Plan applies to the Milton Urban Expansion Area, which is south of the Bristol Survey and Sherwood Survey Secondary Plan Areas. The area is around 930 hectares (2,300 acres) within:

  • Louis St. Laurent Ave. to the north
  • James Snow Pky. to the east
  • Britannia Rd. to the south
  • Tremaine Rd. to the west

Official Plan amendments

Review the project status and timeline.

July 24, 2017

Milton Council passed By-law No. 076-2017 that adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 45 under section 17(23) of the Planning Act. OPA 45 incorporated modifications to the Secondary Plan that came forward through the Tertiary Plan process.

As part of the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan, we prepared a Tertiary Plan to help coordinate:

  • Services and infrastructure
  • Road location and alignment
  • School, neighbourhood, park and village square locations and setup
  • Natural feature and open space layout and use

August 24, 2015

Milton Council passed By-law No. 069-2015 to adopt Official Plan Amendment No. 40 under section 17(23) of the Planning Act as we received no appeals.

In conjunction with the Official Plan amendment, Milton Council endorsed a Tertiary Plan for the west side of the Plan area on August 24, 2015. As part of creating the Tertiary Plan, minor text and schedule amendments were required as a result of sub-watershed impact studies and transportation and traffic work.

January 7, 2015

After Halton Region’s approval, the Plan was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, which approved the Plan on January 7, 2015, except for some policies and mapping that should stay under appeal on a site-specific basis.

A final consolidated Plan was created that combined changes from Milton as well as the policies approved by the Region. We prepared Official Plan Amendment No. 40 (OPA 40) to correct minor errors and omissions and to include an updated Tertiary Plan for the Boyne Survey West (Phase 3A) lands. 

September 6, 2013

Halton Region issued a Notice of Decision on September 6, 2013 to approve the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan.

June 18, 2013

Council endorsed modifications to the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan and sent a request to Halton Region to issue a Notice of Decision that approves the Plan with changes. 

June 14, 2010

Council adopted the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan on June 14, 2010, and sent the Plan to Halton Region for approval.

Supporting documents and studies

Studies were needed as part of making the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan that are used when creating sub-watershed impact studies for the area, including:

Contact us if you’d like to request a copy of the appendices to these studies.