Are you interested in putting in a pool or hot tub on your property? You’ll need to follow our pool by-laws and regulations in order to ensure that your swimming pool or hot tub installation is safe.

Apply for a pool permit

Complete the Swimming Pool application, and submit the application along with a site plan to:

Development Services
150 Mary St
Milton, ON L9T 6Z5

Your site plan must include the following:  

  • Property lines and existing buildings
  • Location and setbacks of the pool and related pool equipment
  • Pool enclosure location showing fence type, height, gates and access points from all buildings
  • Easements, catch basins, retaining walls and swales with setback distances
  • Landscaping, patios, concrete and existing decks with setback distances

If you’re putting in a temporary pool that is taken down and put back up each year, you do not need a permit each year as long as the size, shape and location of the pool remain the same.

Your pool permit will expire in six months from the date the permit is issued. Please review inspection notes on the pool permit to learn all building inspection requirements.


Review all our building permit fees for a detailed list of costs.

Zoning requirements

Review the Zoning By-law before applying for a permit to make sure you follow all guidelines for your property. According to the by-law, the swimming pool and related equipment must meet all setback requirements.

Pool fence guidelines

The Swimming Pool Fencing By-law requires owners to ensure that pools are enclosed by a fence, have restricted entry by a gate that locks and adhere to the appropriate setbacks from the property line.

The following pool fence designs and specifications meet the requirements for swimming pool enclosures:

You can use the walls of your house to form part of the enclosure. All doors and window openings that give access to the pool area must have safety latches or locking devices.