Want to finish your basement and create more living space in your home? Before any work has started, you need to get a building permit. A building permit is required to finish any portion of a basement in Milton.

Apply for a permit

In order to finish your basement, you’ll need to apply for a building permit.

Application forms

You’ll need to submit the following forms:

Construction drawings

Please submit the following construction drawings with your application:

  • Existing floor plan showing walls, windows, plumbing and HVAC
  • Proposed basement layout plan showing the extent of the renovation

If you’re adding exterior window or door openings or adding a bedroom, you need to submit an overall Site Plan.

Refer to the sample drawings for specific drawing requirements, including the number of copies for each drawing required. Review our drawing submission guidelines.


Review all our building fees for a complete list of fees. Depending on the nature of your renovation, additional fees may apply. This includes new plumbing, fireplace, new windows and doors.

Zoning requirements

Review the Zoning By-law before applying to make sure you follow all building guidelines for your property. You can’t include any cooking facilities in a finished basement. If you’d like to add a kitchen, you need to review our basement apartment guidelines.

Book a building inspection

You need to book a building inspection to ensure your renovation meets all Building Code and zoning regulations. Typical finished basement inspections can include:

  • Framing
  • Insulation and air barrier
  • Below grade plumbing, above grade plumbing and final plumbing
  • Heating rough-in and final heat
  • Final building