Parks and Trails Projects

With rapid residential growth, new parks and trails are being developed and constructed. Park upgrades and improvements also take place to ensure quality outdoor experiences for years to come.

Community Connections Map (includes parks and trails)

Complete and Open in 2019
  • Campbellville New Ball Park
  • Harrison Park
  • Milton Pipeline Trail (Coates Neighbourhood), Yates Drive to Sixteen Mile Creek Linear Park
  • Milton Pipeline Trail (Willmott Neighbourhood), Farmstead Drive to Bronte Street South (linking to Sunny Mount Park)
  • Rotary Park Redevelopment 
  • Sixteen Mile Creek Linear Park Trail, Cahoun Terrace to Featherstone Park
Under Construction in 2019
  • Ford Neighbourhood Park
  • Milton Tennis Club Reconstruction
  • Sam Sherratt Park
Design in 2019
  • Boyne Village Square #2
  • Court Park
  • Centre Park
  • Farlow Park
  • Moffat Park
  • Sherwood Community Centre & Library & Park Elements
  • Trail Wayfinding Project