At the Town of Milton, we value our heritage and ensure compliance when owners wish to alter a heritage property.

What changes can I make to a heritage listed property?

If you own a listed heritage property, you do not need to obtain a heritage permit if you are making alterations or additions.

If you wish to demolish a listed heritage property, you will need to inform Council of your intention to demolish 60 days prior to demolition. This can be triggered through a demolition permit application.

What changes can I make to a heritage designated property?

If you own a designated heritage property and wish to change or alter the property, you need to apply for a heritage permit as per the Ontario Heritage Act. Our process assesses the impact of any changes to the property and ensures the conservation of its heritage.

Designation does not stop you from maintaining or repairing the property as long as the repairs and maintenance don't change its heritage attributes.

Apply for a heritage permit

A Heritage Permit allows you to make certain alterations and additions to a designated heritage property. Please contact us before you start for advice on how to preserve the heritage value of your property.

Please use our heritage permit guide and application to get started. Make sure to include your plans that detail the extent of your planned work and the possible impact on the property’s heritage attributes.

You must apply for a heritage permit if you’re:

  • Adding to a building or an accessory structure
  • Replacing or changing windows or doors
  • Removing or installing decks, fences, porches, verandas, canopies, gates, trellises, arbours, gazebos or chimneys
  • Changing the trim, roofing or cladding
  • Painting the exterior

You do not need to obtain a heritage permit for:

  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs that do not change the exterior of the building, accessory structures or landscaping
  • Reroofing using similar materials and colour
  • Repairing or replacing eavestroughs and downspouts (unless these are ornamental and integral to the building’s heritage and appearance)
  • Repointing brick
  • Repairing chimneys

Demolition of a heritage property

We review proposals to demolish buildings and structures on the heritage register. We normally require a heritage impact assessment, in accordance with our terms of reference, to fully understand and take into account the heritage significance.