A demolition permit is required if you plan to demolish all or part of a building or structure that is larger than 10 m² in Milton. Most farm buildings are exempt from this rule as long as the structure being demolished isn’t subject to any other laws, such as the Ontario Heritage Act.

Apply for a demolition permit

To apply for a demolition permit, you need to submit the following:

Please submit these documents online, along with the demolition permit fee

Site plan details

The site plan should include:

  • Property lines and lot area
  • Location of all existing structures to be demolished (including setbacks to property lines and distance to other buildings)
  • Overall dimensions of structures to be demolished

Demolition regulations

After you’ve received a demolition permit, you need to follow these guidelines:

If the site contains a fuel tank, you must notify the Fuel Safety Branch in writing with a copy submitted along with the permit application.