A building permit is required for tents and groups of tent, except for tents that are:

  • Not more than 60 metres-squared in aggregate ground area (aggregate ground area is the sum of the total area of all tents on site)

  • Not attached to a building

  • Constructed more than 3 metres from other structures

An application for a tent or a group of tents with the following conditions require a professional engineer to provide structural design and perform a field review.

  • More than 225 metres-squared in ground area

  • More than 225 metres-squared in aggregate ground area, and are closer than three metres apart

  • Have bleachers

  • Enclosed with sidewalls

Apply for a tent permit

Submit an Application

Information required

  • What the tent is being erected for

  • Company name

  • Address

  • Size of tent

  • Number of tents

  • Installation location

  • Propose of tent

  • Tent capacity

Documents required

  • Building permit application
  • Certificate of flame resistance 
  • Schematic engineer drawings of tent 
  • Site plan 
  • Floor plan 
  • Engineer drawings of anchoring system

Additional information required, if applicable

  • Are there washrooms? If yes, how many and where?

  • Are alcoholic beverages being served?

  • Is cooking equipment being used? If yes, what is the distance from the tent?

  • Is there parking availability