All non-residential and some residential buildings in Milton require the approval of a Certificate of Occupancy prior to use. We recommend that you confirm that your proposed use is permitted by the Zoning By-law prior to purchasing a property or signing a lease.

You also need to get a Certificate of Occupancy before you can apply to re-zone a property or get a minor variance.

Application process

Please review the Guidelines prior to applying.  To apply for a Certificate of Occupancy, you need to complete a Certificate of Occupancy Application form and submit it along with a:

  • Copy of the site plan
  • Copy of the floor plan
  • Letter describing the business operation with the names of both the tenant and/or agent and the business address and phone number

Please submit your application to:

Town of Milton
150 Mary St.
Milton, ON L9T 6Z5


Review our building permit fees for our Certificate of Occupancy fees.