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We are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless communications, both cellular and internet, to enhance our daily lives and workplace environments. In order to increase the level and variety of services that telecommunication carriers provide, and to satisfy user demand, the associated telecommunications infrastructure must be constructed.

Telecommunications facilities are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government through the Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Antenna Systems procedures. Given that all communities have different needs, it is encouraged that Milton (i.e. the Land Use Authority) establishes a consultation protocol to assess local opinion about the location of telecommunication facilities. 

Telecommunication application

Any person considering modifications to, or the installation of, new telecommunication infrastructure, should contact us to set up a pre-consultation meeting.  Where determined applicable, an application form along with the required plans and fees, can be submitted in person to:

Development Services
150 Mary Street
Milton, ON L9T 6Z5

Milton reviews telecommunication-related applications. All other decisions relating to telecommunications applications are made by Industry Canada. 

Milton’s telecommunications facility protocol

If you want to develop new telecommunications infrastructure in Milton, you need to follow the municipal review and consultation process set out in Milton’s Telecommunications Facility Policy.

The Telecommunications Facility Policy contains guidelines regarding:

  • Jurisdiction and roles of participants
  • Design and locational criteria
  • Application form and submission materials
  • Preliminary consultation processes
  • Facilities excluded from public consultation
  • Concluding consultation requirements