Heritage designation is the formal recognition of a property's cultural value in a community. Milton designates certain buildings, landscape features and sites as properties of historical value. Designation ensures that we preserve our heritage for present and future generations.

Our designated properties

32 properties in Milton are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Each property has a by-law that includes the reasons for designation and its heritage attributes:

Applying for heritage designation

Contact us and we’ll begin a study to find out if heritage designation applies to your property. After Milton Council reviews our study and approves, we’ll send you a Notice of Intention to Designate, which is published in the local paper in order to hear any objections.

Once approved, Council enacts the Designation By-law and we send a notice of designation to both you and the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Making changes to a heritage property

You can apply to make changes or additions to a designated property with a Heritage Permit. Designation does not stop you from maintaining or repairing the property as long as the repairs and maintenance don't change its heritage attributes.