Do you want to advertise your business or service? Considering putting up a permanent or portable sign. Milton’s Sign By-law regulates the size, location and maintenance of permanent signs and advertising on private property.

Apply for a sign permit

Before installing any sign, please complete the Building Permit application and submit it along with:

  • Two copies of the Site Plan showing the location of the sign, all setbacks for ground signs and location of a fascia sign on a building or provide digital drawings
  • Two copies of construction drawings or provide digital drawings
  • Information about all existing signs on the property
  • Application fee

Submit your complete application online.

Sign variances

If your proposed sign does not meet the requirements outlined in the Sign By-law, you’ll need to submit a Sign Variance application to:

Development Services
150 Mary St.
Milton, ON L9T6Z5

You must demonstrate that your proposed sign meets the intent of the Sign By-law in order to receive a sign variance.

Sign guidelines

The Sign By-law ensures that the sign:

  • Is consistent with the planning, design and heritage of Milton
  • Doesn’t pose a health or safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians
  • Doesn’t obstruct any businesses or services
  • Is compatible with its surroundings