Located close to Toronto, Milton is a popular destination for commercial filming and photography. We welcome film crews in Milton. Please follow our guidelines and by-laws.

Apply for a filming permit

You need to complete a Filming Permit application form and submit it to us by email or mail or drop it off to:

Development Services
150 Mary St.
Milton, ON L9T 6Z5

A filming permit costs $348 and you must pay this fee when you pick up your filming permit.

Review our filming policy for full details about the application process. All applications should include:

  • Liability insurance information
  • Impact of filming on residents and businesses
  • Disruption of traffic
  • Number of production vehicles, cast and crew and any stunts or special effects

Facility filming requirements

If you are filming in one of Milton’s facilities, you need to submit your application at least seven days before the filming begins. We recommend providing as much notice as possible because we may deny your request if the facility isn’t available.

You must provide the following information with your application:

  • Proposed dates and times for the filming, including preparation and clean-up
  • Name and phone number of a contact person who will be on-site during the filming
  • General outline of the filming including all sets, props, number of production vehicles, cast and crew members, stunts and special effects
  • Film locations and any proposed alterations to Milton property, including identification of any necessary facility services support
If your application is approved, you’ll need to notify any residents or businesses that may be impacted by the filming. We will prepare and sign a Location Agreement.

Road filming requirements

If you are filming on Milton’s roads, you need to submit your application at least five days before the filming begins. We recommend providing as much notice as possible because you need to obtain approval from Milton council.

You’ll need to collect signatures from 80% of residents in the area if your filming:

  • On roads in a residential area more than once in a year
  • Begins before 7:00 a.m. and after 11:00 p.m. or anytime on Sundays or statutory holidays
  • Requires overnight parking for production vehicles
  • Includes lighting and generators oriented toward neighbouring residences
  • Requires a road closure
A maximum of 15 production vehicles will receive parking privileges near the filming location. You must abide by Milton’s Uniform Traffic Control By-law. Depending on the size of the shoot, you may be required to hire police officers to help with traffic control during filming. 

Private property filming requirements

You don’t need to complete a filming permit application to film on private property, however, if Milton is notified of the filming, you will need to advise area residents of your intent to film. 

Security deposits

A security deposit in the form of a letter of credit or acceptable alternative is required and won’t be released until the facility has passed inspection and all outstanding costs have been paid in full. This includes repairs to damage, staff costs and rental costs. Security deposits may vary depending on the nature of the production:

  • $5,000 – Town of Milton facilities
  • $2,000 – Town parks
  • $2,000 – Town roads

Using explosives, fires or pyrotechnics

If your filming includes explosives, fire or pyrotechnics, you need to get a letter from the Fire Chief along with your permit. Contact the Fire department by email to get this letter.