Are you wondering about road priority, parking, or storm warnings? Check out our frequently asked questions below for tips that will help you through the winter season. 

Which roads are plowed first?

We prioritize snow plowing routes based on emergency service routes, traffic volumes and road use. Plowing is done in the following order of priority.

Major arterial roads and bus routes (primary and secondary roads) 

  • Winter road maintenance, such as salting or sanding, begins before a winter event. 
  • We begin to plow when there is two centimetres of snow accumulation. 
  • Two to 12 hours after the snow stops, we clear down to the asphalt. 

Rural collector roads and industrial areas

  • Five to 16 hours after the snow stops, we clear down to the asphalt in the centre of the road.

Urban and rural residential roads

  • We begin to plow residential roads after we have cleared primary roads and once 10 centimetres of snow has accumulated.
  • Eight to 24 hours after the snow stops, we plow these roads down to a snow-packed standard.

You can refer to the Roadway Priorities and Response Times for more information.

What is Plow Tracks?

Plow Tracks is a GPS technology mapping tool that Milton uses to show the progress of plows as they clear roads during a snow event. When a plow passes over a road, the colour of the road changes to green, indicating the plow has been to that area. Please note there is a 60-minute time delay on the site.

If there is no snow, why are the plows out? 

To prepare for snow fall, the vehicles used for snow clearing are also used for other road maintenance activities such as salting, sanding and brining.

Why can’t I park my car on the road during a storm?

When winter snow storms occur, Milton suspends its street parking exceptions, which means that no cars are to be parked on Milton roads. This allows equipment operators to quickly and safely clear snow and treat roadways (salting and sanding) without parked vehicles getting in the way.

Any vehicle that interferes with snow-clearing operations may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. 

Where can I park my car during a storm?

The Town is servicing and maintaining certain park parking lots this winter, which provides residents who rely on street parking exceptions to have an option to park their vehicle when exceptions are suspended to allow for snow removal.

Parking in the following lots is allowed for a 24-hour period.

  • Bennett parking lot
  • Brian Best North parking lot
  • Brian Best South parking lot
  • Bronte Meadows parking lot
  • Clark South parking lot
  • Coates North parking lot
  • Ford Park parking lot
  • Optimist Park parking lot
  • Scott Park East parking lot
  • Sherwood Park parking lot
  • Willmott parking lot

Why do the plows keep going up and down the same street?

Roads are cleared in a priority sequence and continue to be travelled on until that service level is met. If there are obstacles on the roads, such as cars, this doesn’t allow the plow to clear the road properly so they may need to repeat plowing. The plows also travel back and forth to the yard to reload salt and fuel.

How do I stay informed about snow plows and services during a snow storm?

Keep up-to-date using Plow Tracks which shows the roads that have been plowed, visit the snow web page for current updates and snow related information, follow us on our social platforms (Facebook, Twitter) to see the latest updates.

Who is responsible for clearing snow on sidewalks?

With accumulation of 5 cm or more of snow, the Town begins plowing sidewalks and pathways associated with schools, transit routes and major pedestrian travel. Residents are responsible for clearing snow on their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snow or ice storm.

Why doesn’t the Town clear the snow at the end of my driveway (Windrows)?

The Town does not clear windrows; this is the responsibility of the homeowner. The Town does offer a windrow removal program for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Am I allowed to shovel/blow my snow onto the road?

No. Pushing, blowing or shovelling snow onto the road is not permitted. Please clear snow onto your property or the Town Boulevard.

Who do I contact if I have snow related concerns?

We ask that you please wait 24-hours after a storm has ended to allow our crews enough time to service your road. If 24 hours has passed and your street has not been cleared, please contact us at:

Operations Division
905-878-7252 ext. 2500