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Milton Education Village Secondary Plan

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The Secondary Plan program was reinitiated in June 2017. The Town of Milton and Halton Region have been involved in a strategy for managing regional and local growth to the year 2031, known as Sustainable Halton. The Sustainable Halton process builds on the Halton Urban Structure Plan which plans for growth to 2021. 

In relation to the proposed growth, the Town has reinitiated the MEV Secondary Plan and supporting studies for the Milton Education Village area, together with related Regional and Local Official Plan Amendments and a Development Permit By-law.

The Secondary Plan is also being undertaken in the context of servicing, transportation, parks and open space systems, natural heritage and sub-watershed/environmental background work which was identified through the recently updated Halton Region Transportation and Water/Wastewater Servicing Master Plans, in addition to the locally adopted Town of Milton Boyne Survey Secondary Plan.

The area referred to as the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan Area within the Town of Milton, is the third of three planned residential areas of growth, designated as such within the current Milton Urban Expansion Area boundary, being implemented as part of the Halton Urban Structure Plan (HUSP).

(This web page refers to the Milton Education Village Secondary Plan. For information on the project, visit the Milton Education Village page.)

Study Area 

The Milton Education Village Secondary Plan Study Area is located west of Tremaine Road and the Boyne Survey (see Map).

Milton Education Village Study Area

The area is approximately 162 hectares (400 acres) in size and is bounded by the Niagara Escarpment Plan Area to the north, Tremaine Road to the east, Britannia Road to the south and the Greenbelt Plan Area to the west (a small portion of which is located in the Study Area).

Note: The series of technical background studies that will be completed as part of the secondary plan study and the study areas for the technical work in some cases will extend beyond the secondary plan study area outlined above. 

Presentation Materials and Documents 

Community Meeting: January 31, 2018

At this meeting, attendees gathered to ask questions, share ideas, and provide feedback that will contribute to the planning process for this area.

Meeting Materials:


Display boards

Provide Feedback (Deadline - February 28, 2018):

Please send your comments and feedback to: Planning staff

Background Reports & Updates


Study Team 

Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd. has been retained to lead the Milton Education Village Secondary Plan study process. In addition, they are responsible for the land use planning component of the project.  The study team also includes the following technical specialists:

  • AMEC Environment & Infrastructure (Water Resources, Municipal Services)
  • Paradigm Transportation Solutions Ltd. (Transportation)
  • Brook McIIlroy Inc. (Urban Design)
  • Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (Economic Analysis and Demographic Forecasting)
  • Cosburn Giberson Landscape Architects (Parks & Open Space Planning and Design)
  • Unterman McPhail (Cultural Heritage)
  • W. Scott Morgan and Associates (Market Analysis)
  • Dougan & Associates (Natural Environment)

Community Meetings and Contact Information 

During the course of this project there will be several opportunities for public and community input, through open houses, meetings and this website.

Past Meeting: Wednesday, January 31 (5-8pm) at the MEV Innovation Centre

Event Notice - See presentation, display boards and opportunities to provide comments above in "Presentation Materials and Documents."

Written submissions are welcomed at any time and should be addressed to the contact listed below:

Planning Policy, Planning and Development Department

Town of Milton 150 Mary Street Milton, ON L9T 6Z5 Telephone: 905-878-7252, ext. 2398 Fax: 905-876-5024