Official Plan

What is the Official Plan?

The Official Plan is a policy document that is intended to serve as Council's primary tool for making land use decisions and managing change in the Town.

It sets out a vision for the community based on long-term goals and objectives. All public works, by-laws, including the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law, and land use approvals must conform with the Town's Official Plan to ensure that Council's vision is consistently implemented.

The policies and designations of the Official Plan are intended to manage change and guide development in the Town for a 20-year period.

Municipalities are generally required to review their Official Plans every five years. The purpose of this regular review is to ensure that the policies remain current and respond appropriately to the changing circumstances and emerging trends which impact the Town.

Official Plan Amendments

Amendments to the Official Plan are sometimes necessary when the Plan does not contain policies that address new Provincial and Regional policy directions, local issues and opportunities or specific development proposals.

In these cases, the Official Plan can be altered through an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) process. The OPA process allows for amendments to the Plan to be evaluated and to be presented to the public before changes are approved.

Official Plan Review

The current Official Plan was adopted by Council on August 26, 1996 and approved by Halton Region on December 14, 1997 with deferrals. The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) granted further approvals on July 19, 1999. Since then,  the 1997 Official Plan has been consolidated to include a series of approved Official Plan Amendments (OPAs).

More recently, Council adopted an amendment (OPA 31) to the Official Plan to bring it into conformity with the Province's Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe as well as Halton Region's Sustainable Halton Plan (Regional Official Plan Amendment 38).

The Town's conformity amendment was presented through Staff Report PD-042-10 and was adopted by Council, with revisions, at the Special Council Meeting of June 14, 2010. This amendment has been submitted to Halton Region and is currently awaiting approval.

Obtaining a copy of the Official Plan

The latest Office Consolidation (August, 2008) of the 1997 Official Plan is available in print by request, for purchase, at the Town of Milton's Planning and Development Department (150 Mary Street, Milton, 2nd floor).

The August 2008 Office Consolidation includes Official Plan Amendments 1-28. To inquire about any of the amendments, or request information about the latest consolidation, please contact the Planning and Development Department using the contact information on this page.

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